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Kelly's Cakes

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Price List

Price List

 Wedding Cakes :
$2.50 Per Serving
This price includes buttercream icing. Fondant is available for additional charge.
There may be additional charges depending on the difficulty of design
 Wedding Sheet Cakes :
(scored and decorated to match wedding cake)
  9 x 13   $40.00 serves 20
11 x 15   $50.00 serves 35
12 x 18   $60.00 serves 54
Party Cakes :
(Birthday, baby shower etc.)
  9 x 13   $30.00**
11 x 15   $40.00**
12 x 18   $50.00**
**includes extensive designs ,airbrushing and scoring of party cakes
Flavors of cake available:
White, Chocolate,Chocolate mint, Chocolate Almond,Pineapple,Yellow,Marble,  Strawberry,Strawberry Swirl, Lemon,Lemon Poppyseed,Lemon Swirl, Spice, Banana, Carrot, French Vanilla, Red Velvet,Butter Pecan,Raspberry Swirl,Italian Cream,Almond,Banana,Confetti,Pumpkin and special recipes of your own upon request.
Flavors of fillings available:
$9.00-$12.00 per layer
Red Raspberry,Strawberry, Blueberry, Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Ganache,White Chocolate Ganache , Cream Cheese and Carmel coconut pecan. 
I also offer cheesecakes,jumbo cupcakes and cookies.
Priced by quote.
There is a delivery charge for all wedding cakes which will be quoted at the first consultation.

You can also bring me your own design and I will duplicate it.